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21 January 2009 @ 05:07 pm
[Fic] Soundtrack Of My Summer  
Title: Soundtrack Of My Summer
Author: Lucilla/FeelTheSilence (ninthrevolver)
Genre: Romance/General
Pairing: Shane Gray & Mitchie Torres (Smitchie)
Rating: T (PG-13)
Status: On going
Summary: AU. He was Shane Gray. Famous rock star and worldwide sensation, he didn’t belong in the suburbs with the cozy people and apple pies. But he needed a reality check and a change of heart and that's what he got when he met a small town girl with big dreams.
Disclaimer: I don't own Camp Rock and I'm not making any profit out of this.



Shane Gray was lying in his new not-so-comfy bed with headphones in his ears and some angry rock song blasting out of his iPod.

It’s been three hours. Only three freaking hours and he was already bored out of his mind. What was his label thinking in giving him this kind of vacations? These were not vacations. A time off in some Bahamas five stars resort hotel would be considered vacations, but this was pure torture in its most raw and crude form! Honestly, he could get them all arrested because of this.

Jason and Nate had left a little while ago after a catch-up session with Brown. Those two loved Brown. Oh yeah, they loved Brown so freaking much that they should just go to Canada already, marry his uncle and leave him the hell alone. Although he was alone now, being successful in avoiding his band members, his uncle and his little cousin for the past three hours. But he was still mad and sending them all to Canada seemed like a pretty appraising idea. He knew that he wouldn’t be left alone and in peace for long.

And just as he predicted there was a knock in the guest room door before Brown appeared with a smiling face. Shane rolled his eyes and resumed to his task of staring at the ceiling, but he saw in the corner of his eye that his uncle had grabbed a chair and sat right beside him.

“So Shane, what’s new with you pal?” Was Brown’s attempt to start a conversation. Shane just turned up the volume of his iPod and pretended he wasn’t listening.

“Nate and Jason told me about your situation with the label. And I’ve talked to your parents as well. Your mom’s worried about you, you know.” Again, all he got was silence. “Shane? Are you listening to me?”

Yeah, yeah, he was listening – unfortunately his iPod didn’t block out all of Brown’s annoying and full-of-stupid-accent voice, but Shane could at least choose not to respond. But, to the singer’s dismay, Brown wasn’t taking any of that for any longer and simply pulled off the head phones from his nephew’s ears and grabbed that little evil device that was helping Shane to ignore him.

“Hey!” Shane yelled, sitting on the mattress. And now instead of just bored he felt positively pissed off.

“Shane, so kind of you to take notice of me! How are you doing?” Brown greeted him with a fake cheerful smile that couldn’t even fool Jason.

“Give it back! It’s mine!” Shane heatedly protested, but just earned himself a smirk from Brown.

“Oh, this little thing?” The man shook the iPod before Shane’s eyes as if he was shaking a piece of meat in front of a starving dog’s face before placing the device inside of the front pocket of his shirt. “I don’t think so nephew. You see, I’m confiscating this.”

“You can’t confiscate my stuff! This is called stealing!”

But Brown seemed pretty unaffected even after Shane’s outburst. “It’s not stealing, Shane, since I have no intention of claiming it as my own or selling it to someone else. You should check your law books more often, pal.”

Shane rolled his eyes. Yeah, damn that uncle Brown and the two semesters he spent at Law School before ditching College and going to England in order to pursue a music career. He got the cocky lawyer attitude at College and the stupid accent in England.

“Whatever, you still can’t just confiscate my stuff as if I’m a child or something because I’m not! I’m a freaking nineteen in case you have forgotten!”

“Oh yeah?” Brown closed the distance between them by nearing his face to his nephew’s and staring right at Shane’s rebellious eyes. “Then start to act like a freaking nineteen pal, because nowadays even Danny seems more mature than you, despite of everything that happened in the last couple of years.”

Oh right, there they go down the road of the drama that took place two summers before, when Brown’s British wife, Daphne, passed away in a car crash. Shane scoffed, why couldn’t his uncle just get over with it already? Daphne was dead, she wasn’t coming back, unless they were in some freaking horror movie, and there was no use for Brown to act like a mad man, drop out of his career as music producer and bury himself in this God forsaken town!

“And don’t you scoff at me, Shane. This is serious business.” He poked his nephew’s chest with a finger while speaking. “This is not between you, Nate, Jason or those clueless label executives anymore. This is between you and me and I like to think that I know you a little bit more than those Hollywood folks of yours.”

“Oh, scary.” Shane crossed his arms and made a sarcastic expression. “And what are planning to do with me, uncle?”

Brown smile in such a gleefully manner that Shane immediately regretted even asking. Seeing Brown smiling like that was never a good sign. At least not for Shane Gray.

“I’m glad you asked pal, because I have huge plans for you in this summer. Huge plans indeed.” Then he proceeded to sit beside Shane on the mattress and put an arm around his nephew’s shoulder, much to the singer’s disgust. “You see, I have this amazing little music school right here in amazing Carefree and I got myself a bunch of very talented, very passionate students. I even have this girl who is my own ‘American Idol’ on the making. And I tell you, if there is a girl who definitely has a big shot of succeeding in this industry, she goes by the name of Mitchie Torres. She’s nothing like that self-absorbed bubblegum pop crap you hear in Hollywood from girls like that T.J. Tyler’s daughter. Oh, no. Mitchie is a genuine raw talent. And now just think about it, Shane…” Brown extended his other arm in front of them as if painting some wonderful sigh. “Think about you, teaching all of these wonderful kids as our own famous summer guest instructor!”

Shane’s expression was such of a sheer horror that was even hard to describe. For a second he felt speechless. Just… speechless. Of course, that was before he burst in the angriest remark Brown had seen in years.

“What? I’m not teaching some fucking stupid class in your fucking lame school for your fucking loser students!”

At that Brown arched his eyebrows and let go of Shane’s shoulder.

“Yeah, you’re damn right you’re not. Not with that dirt mouth of yours! Shane, what kind of speech was that? Your mother taught you better than that! I know for a fact that my well-mannered little sister would never have that kind of thing going on under her watch!”

Shane just rolled his eyes. If his uncle wanted to play the ‘I’m-ignoring-what-you’re-saying’ game then fine by him. He just needed to make his point clear. “Whatever. I’m not being your famous-instructor-whatever, uncle Brown. Find another dumb for the summer job.”

“Well I’d love to, but you don’t happen to see any other dumb super star wandering around here, now do you?” Shane glared. God, he hated sarcasm when it was being used by someone else than himself. “And besides, you don’t expect to be sheltered here by free, right?” Brown continued with a cheerful expression that left Shane confused.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, I just mean that as much as I love you pal, my wonderful southern hospitably does not come for free. I have bills to pay and a son to feed. You saw how big Danny is now, that kid sure eats a lot! And when Nate and Jase called, asking me if I was willing to take you in for the summer and yes, it was their idea, you can thank your band members later.” He added when he noted Shane’s incredulous expression. “I told them it was all good for me, but you needed to do something for your good old uncle in order to repay me for my kindness. And of course, I talked to your manager and the people from Burning Up Records and we have their permission. Let me say, your label folks are absolute thrilled with the idea! Something about you getting closer to your fans, coming back to your roots kinda thing. We’re even discussing the possibility of maybe making a call to Pop Informer Magazine and schedule some little interview about Shane Gray’s new challenge as a teacher in just a few weeks or so. What do you say?”

Now Shane was positively speechless. So much that he was even gaping. He couldn’t believe that! They all have plotted against him! He could’ve expected that kind of thing coming from Brown, Nate and Jason. Ok, maybe not Jason since he was too air-headed to come up with an evil master plan like that, but even his manager? Even the label executives? In what type of screwed up world he was living that wasn’t even possible for him to trust the people for whom he earned millions of dollars every year?

Oh, yeah, that was Hollywood. He couldn’t fucking trust not even his own shadow.

Brown was feeling utterly amused by his nephew’s reaction. He had almost forgotten how funny it was to have Shane around.

“Good. Now that that’s settled I suggest you to go wash yourself, lunch’s being served in ten.” Said Brown before standing up and walking to the door.

Shane reacted by narrowing his eyes.

“I’m not hungry.” He answered in a clearly displeased tone.

“Alright, go ahead and make a hungry strike just like a nine-year-old.” Brown paused and turned to his nephew at the door. “Let’s just see how long you can keep it up.” And with one last smile, he closed the door.

Shane sighed and laid down the mattress again. He pulled the pillow that was beneath his head and put it on top of his face before letting out a frustrated scream.


It was past 3:00 PM when Shane finally exited his secured hiding place with a growling stomach. The house was relatively silent and he came down the stairs only to find his cousin Daniel playing video games in the living room.

“Hey.” He said, tearing Danny’s attention from the TV screen. The eight-year-old boy stared at him with wide eyes and Shane felt a little uncomfortable remembering how coldly he treated his cousin just a few hours ago. Clearly the kid was scared of him. He cleared his throat, trying to get rid of that sensation. “Where’s uncle Brow?”

Danny shrugged.

“He’s at school. He has a class to teach now.”

Shane nodded.

“Ok. Ahn, did he leave any take-out food?” Shane knew for a fact that Brown couldn’t cook to save his life. He briefly wondered how Danny managed to be so chubby.

The kid shook his head. “No. He said that if you wanted something to eat you should either cook what’s on the fridge or go out and get something.”

Shane sighed and rolled his ayes. Yeah, that was typical of Brown. But then he noticed an important detail.

“Did Brown leave you here without any food? At all?” He asked Danny, feeling pretty skeptic. Come one, Brown wouldn’t leave his own son to starve to death and he wouldn’t expect an eight-year-old to know how to cook, would he? That was too crazy. Even for Brown. And even if Danny knew how to cook, he wasn’t supposed to be left alone and unsupervised with a kitchen all to himself. That was too dangerous.

Danny just shrugged once more.

“I have money to buy food if I want to. I’m cool.” And with that he turned his attention back to his paused game.

Shane sighed. Great, that boy was an independent one. What was the problem with those kids nowadays? They all had cell phones and laptops and overall wanted to act like adults. It was sheer annoying.

Without any other alternative in mind, the vocalist made a quick trip upstairs to fetch his wallet, cell phone, a hat and a pair of sunglasses. He’d have to go out in order to get himself some food, because cooking was definitely not an option. Anyway, it shouldn’t be such a difficult task to find a grocery store or a dinner place in such a small town without getting lost along the way. He’d go out, grab food and come back in less than one hour. No big deal.

“I’m going out, Danny. Lock the door and behave.” He said as he made his way to the front door. Shane heard his cousin yell an ‘okay’ before he exited the house.

The Connect Three vocalist put his disguise in place, not feeling particularly keen to be recognized on the streets, and watched his surroundings. That suburb sure was a creepy place. It was like he could get run over by an ice cream truck or something when he least expected. He shook those thoughts away and made his way down the street, trying to remember where to go to reach the town center. For his luck, he was paying attention when the minivan drove him to Brow’s place earlier that day.

After twenty minutes or so of wandering around, he reached the town square where the Church was placed. There were some stores in the street surrounding the square and, among them, a cozy looking place with a sign that read Connie’s Dinner and another sign on the glass door that read ‘Open’.

Shane made his way to the Dinner and cringed when he opened the door and heard the noise of brass bells announcing his arrival. Gee, they couldn’t get more small-town like now could them?

The place was kinda full considering the hour and burbling with conversations, but he managed to find an empty table right next to the window and stat down without taking off his hat or sunglasses. He grabbed the menu and studied it for a while until a waitress approached him.

“Good afternoon and welcome to Connie’s. What can I get you?” The girl asked with a cheerful voice.

He raised his eyes to look at the too-much-happy-souding-girl. She was a petit teen brunette with an average pretty looking face and an ear-to-ear smile that made even her brown eyes sparkle. Shane felt like rolling his eyes – which, in fact, he did. God, she couldn’t really be that happy to serve people, right? He immediately disliked her faked cheerfulness.

“Do you have anything in this place that is fat free?” He asked, eyeing the menu – which, by the way, had an astounded quantity of fried food.

“Uh, water?” The girl offered with a smile.

Shane glared at her, although she couldn’t notice since he was wearing his shadows.

“Are you trying to be funny?” He asked in an annoyed tone.

“That depends.” She shrugged, not seeming offended with his somewhat rude question. “Is it working?”

He narrowed his eyes. That waitress got some nerve.

“No. Now stop it.” And he turned back to the menu as she bitted her lip and narrowed her eyes, not looking so happy-go-luck anymore. “Just get me some ice tea and one slice of this vegetables pie and other of your chicken pie.”

She nodded, scribing down his order on a little notepad. “Right away.”

Shane sighed after the girl disappeared to get his food and took off his hat, but still refused to get rid of the sunglasses.

Crap, he must’ve been looking like some freaky stalker with that disguise – as if his leather jacket, skinny jeans and Converse weren’t enough to make him stand out in this town. He had to admit that only a freak would wear a leather jacket in July, but he was already feeling uncomfortable and mismatched enough at this stupid Carefree, Georgia without having to give up his clothes as well.

He stopped his musing when a noise caught his attention. Shane turned on his chair to look at a small stage on the right corner of the Dinner. Funny, he hadn’t noticed that before. There was a cheap-looking electric keyboard placed on the stage, along with a stool and a microphone. There was also a teenage girl with curly brown-light hair fixing up some electric wires. The girl stood up, sat at the stool and smiled at her audience.

“Hello everyone. I hope you guys are enjoying your meal. My name is Caitlyn Gellar and I’ll be entertaining you guys for a little bit. If I suck then it’s okay, you guys can just tell to me to shut up and leave.” She giggled, making the costumers laugh along with her little joke. She seemed to be popular among them. Shortly after that she started playing a version of Pat Benatar’s ‘Love Is A Battlefield’.

She wasn’t bad – Shane decided after watching her for a couple of minutes. But she wasn’t that good either. She could play the keyboard fairly well and could sing on tune, but her voice wasn’t much strong. She couldn’t reach high notes without souding pitched and losing her tune, so she smartly avoided those notes and just sang in an average pleasantly tone. He scoffed, that was probably the best singer that small town had to offer.

Soon enough the waitress from before was back with his order.

“She’s good, isn’t she?” The girl asked, while placing his tea and his plate on the table.

Shane smirked. How naïve. That waitress clearly didn’t even watch the television if she thought that that Caitlyn Gellar was any good.

“Not really. I’ve heard a lot better. She’s plain and average, she’d never make it as a real singer. If you’re friends with her, you should do her a favor and tell her that.”

The brunette’s smile faltered after his response and she bitted her lip.

“Can I get you anything else?” She asked, trying to sound pleasantly, but failing miserably and coming out as purely upset.

Shane just shook his head and she was gone within the next second.

That Caitlyn girl played two more songs and he was done with his meal before she exited the stage. He headed to the cashier to pay his bill, eager to just get out of that place and lock himself back in the house where he could pretend he was anywhere else but here. That same petit brunette waitress was taking care of the cashier and he briefly wondered about the lack of employment in that Dinner.

“It’s thirteen dollars and seventy-five cents.” She said, taping something at the cashier.

He opened his wallet and grabbed a dollar bill without caring to see its value – he only had fifty’s and hundred’s anyway, both would do – and tossed it to the girl before turning his back to her.

He was out of Connie’s Dinner and heading down the street when he heard someone calling out for him. The voice was feminine.

“Hey, you! Wait!”

Shane froze for a second and cursed under his breath. Damn, did someone recognize him? The singer started to stride down the street, hoping to be fast enough and get away. He didn’t feel like giving autographs right now. Or ever.

“You, with the hat! I told you to wait! Please!”

Oh, great. Truly awesome. Now people were starting to stare and point at him. Taking a deep breath he stopped and turned around. Well, he didn’t expect to pass unnoticed forever. He was Shane Gray after all, his fans could smell him from a mile away. He just had to confront this crazy groupie and tell her off, nothing he hadn’t done before.

He was surprised to find that same waitress from before running towards him. Well, she didn’t seem to recognize him in the Dinner, so what was that about now? He stood still, feeling a little bit curious to discover what she wanted with him. When the girl finally caught up she seemed out of breath.

“You… walk… too fast…” She said, trying to catch big gulps of air.

Shane arched his eyebrows. He didn’t really walk that fast, did he? He wasn’t even running. Although he was good at running, he had had plenty of practice by trying to escape from fan girls and paparazzo. Maybe the problem were the girl’s legs – they were too short. She was too short, like 5’1 or 5’2. She was a freaking midget.

“What do you want?” He asked, feeling upset. She didn’t chase him through the town just to compliment his running skills, did she?

“Uh, right.” She fixed the bangs falling over her eyes and then extended a handful of dollars to Shane. “Your change, you forgot it.”

Shane eyed her weirdly. The girl chased him down the street, yelling after him, just to give him his change? Really? Talk about small-town weirdness.

“You can keep it.” He answered, coldly, and started to turn away with every intention of leaving.

What? Excuse me, are you insane? There’s eighty-six dollars and twenty-five cents in here!” She protested, incredulity written all over her face. But Shane just shrugged.

“Whatever. I don’t need it, you can keep it as a tip or something. Just stop bothering me.” And then, without a second glance to the gaping brunette, he turned around and left.
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Stina ♪: joe & demi; you're on candid camerastinabug87 on January 21st, 2009 11:28 pm (UTC)
Another great chapter! Finally Mitchie is mentioned and she's so cute! I like the fact that you made her a waitress in her mom's restaurant. And Shane noticing her height was interesting. I always thought Mitchie's height was cute and her big smile is trademark. I love how you described it too. Anyways, I think I'll stop chatting. lol Definitely going to add this to my favorites on Fanfiction.net. :D Keep up the amazing work. ♥
L.ninthrevolver on January 22nd, 2009 12:28 pm (UTC)
Thank you!

Oh, I love the contrast between Shane's and Mitchie's heighs, it's such a cute detail! <3 And Mitchie's big smile is pretty much what made me fall in love with her character in the 1st place (and with Demi as well). Trust me, Shane will also fall in love with her smile soon enough :D

And you can chat as long as you want, I like it! :)
Stina ♪: joe & demi; a bicycle built for twostinabug87 on January 22nd, 2009 04:14 pm (UTC)
I love Demi too! And Mitchie is love, she's such a kind hearted and sweet girl. She's definitely the one that made him into the nice guy that he is in the end of the movie. :D I can't wait to see how Mitchie transforms him in you fic. :D
L.ninthrevolver on January 23rd, 2009 08:29 pm (UTC)
Don't we all love these nice girls who turn these hot bad boys back into hot prince charmings? :D Anyway, I hope my Mitchie can live up to your expectations! lol
Hannah: jj {feeling used and abused}han_corrupted on January 23rd, 2009 10:56 pm (UTC)
I totally forgot to comment on this. >.< I read it as soon as you mentioned it was up but then I forgot to check when you'd put it up here... Silly Han. :P

But I loved this chapter too. Like Stina said, I loved that you mentioned her height and her smile and everything. Your originality in writing this is amazing, I love that you take little canon details and spin them until they fit you - like Mitchie working in her mom's restaurant/diner. Plus, her attitude that she isn't fazed by what Shane says is really awesome. The water line is totally awesome - I flove A Cinderella Story (which I assume is where you got the line from?).

And I've said it before, but I'll say it again: your portrayal of Shane is awesome. Seriously. All the little biting, sarcastic comments he makes and the not-so-pleasant thoughts he has (like his thoughts on the bell in the diner or when Mitchie chased after him to give him his change).

While we're on that, I really loove Shane and Mitchie's spats. Her running after him and then having to pause and breathe before she tells him why she ran after him is genius. For some reason people tend to forget that running after a person could be very hard - particularly if you've got short legs like Mitchie and is chasing after someone so used to being chased like Shane. I don't know, I've always been a sucker for the small details so I loved that.

Oh, and I have to mention Brown. My goodness I love how you write him! Hee. Daniel Fathers play him so well in the film so I really love that character and the way you write Brown is awesome. His background of having studied Law suits him, I think. And Danny is a new development that I think is fun. Plus, making Brown a bad cook = love. Ha. I can really see Brown being a horrible cook. Genius.

Okay, I'm gonna stop now. :D Awesome chapter - can't wait to see the next one! And thanks for joining mine and Stina's comm. Your comments were awesome to read, so thank you!
L.: demi & jbninthrevolver on January 24th, 2009 12:37 am (UTC)
Aw, I love your (and Stina's) comments, they are much more detailed than the ones I get at fanfiction.net.

Yeah, I love Mitchie's attitude too, so much that sometimes I get the impression that maybe she's being too firce when I write her. But then I go back and watch the movie again and I have my eyes sparkling because of all the awesomeness that was the Smitchie canon interaction and I go like 'huh, I guess it's fine, let her put Shane in his place' lol

I have the time of my life by writing things from Shane's perspective. And honestly, this fic is more about him than Mitchie, although they both are protagonists. But Shane and his personality improvement are my main focus and Mitchie is more like, the catalyst. It's purely about her voice being the soundtrack of his summer (and I'm quoting Boys Like Girls here).

About Brown, I love him and I love his accent. I first watched the movie in the portuguese version, with brazillian voices, and I thought Brown was an okay character. But when I saw the original version I went like "BROWN HAS AN ACCENT? WOW, HOW COOL IS THAT?". Plus, a lot of his smart jokes were lost in the brazillian version - which was a shame :P So, yeah, Brown has a place in my heart. And I'm glad you like Danny! Usually I'm pretty hesitant to include original characters but I figured a little boy couldn't do much damage. I'm still debating with myself the idea of giving Shane a 13-year-old sister (that is, if I get as far as introducing the rest of his family), because female OCs are even more dangerous I think.

Uegh, look at my way-too-long reply. I get carried away pretty easily. lol

And it was a pleasure to read your fics! I can't wait for you guys to post more stuff :)
Hannah: dl {smiling because what else can i do}han_corrupted on January 25th, 2009 06:31 pm (UTC)
lol Tell me about it, I've always gotten more detailed comments here on LJ than I have ff.net. On ff.net I think everyone's like "Okay fine, I'll review *sigh*", while here it's more like "Dude, this was awesome, I need to say something about that", you know?

Yeah, I totally always go back to the movie when I write Smitchie. I don't necessarily go and watch the movie (because I so know it by heart by now! lol) but I always go back and think like "Okay, so Mitchie reacted this way then, so in another similar situation she would react like that, OKAY!" lol

I really have issues with Shane, I've said that before, haven't I? lol, but you're doing great with him. And I totally understand Mitchie being the secondary main character (or third since Shane's attitude should probably be the first, Shane as a person the second and then Mitchie... Yeah, I think about this too much), it helps, usually. Having too many main characters gets confusing, especially when you're focusing on Shane's change of heart/attitude. And I totally always get the song in my head everytime I read "soundtrack of his/her/my summer". Like "I need to find you" always brings me back to "Gotta Find You". LOL Darn fandoms. :D

Oh yuck. I couldn't watch Camp Rock in Swedish, I tried to when it premiered on Disney Channel over here but then I'd already watched it in English and I couldn't sit through it. I think I watched for like five minutes before I ran upstairs and got my DVD instead! I'm glad I didn't get to hear Brown in Swedish, that would've ruined it for me. :D Daniel is way too awesome, makes Brown way too awesome, to be dubbed! You're right about OC's, though, male OC's are usually easier to incorporate and seem like canon characters than female ones. I've been debating too about eventual siblings of Shane's since I've read so many fics where Shane does have a little sister, but I've always decided against it, leaving Shane an only child. For some reason I think that his attitude is a product of being an only child, of never having to share something with a sibling. Had he had a sibling I don't think he would have let the fame go to his head quite as much - siblings are usually always brutally honest and will drag you down to earth, kicking and screaming if they have to. But that's just my theory, I've read a lot of fics where Shane having siblings works out really well... So I guess it's up to you if you want to or not (and I'll stop talking about this now!).

Your way-too-long reply? Look at mine! You and me get carried away easily... I swear once I get started I can never stop. LOL
L.ninthrevolver on January 27th, 2009 01:49 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I totally get what you mean about FF.net. Last sunday I got a review for the 3rd chapter consisting of one single word: "update". Seriously, I was like "huh, but I just did *insert puzzled face*".

It's inevitable going back to canon, especially when we have such a GREAT canon lol CR is just my favorite DCOM ever. As much as I love HSM, I'm just madly in love with CR! <3

About songs, I have 3 that inspired me in writing this fic. The first, obviously, is "Thunder" by Boys Like Girls. Then we have Taylor's Swift "Tim McGraw", because it's such a cute song about a summer love and it fits the fic too well (I'll insert plenty of elements of this song in future chapters). And lastly: David Archuleta's "You Can". For me it describes Shane's feelings for MItchie just perfectly :D But I plan on including music from the canon as well (or at least "This Is Me" will be here).

I read one fic once where Shane had a sister (it was "Believe In Me" by MyStateOfMind) and it actually worked, mainly because the girl wasn't in love with Nate or Jason. But everytime I see a female OC I just can't shake off the idea that the character is a way for the author include herself/her friends in the fic and, urgh, I've read plenty of fics with really BAD OCs and now they scare me. And sometimes the OCs are not even that bad, but then I see them with Nate or Jason and I think "ok, what is she doing here? Why creat and OC as love interest if the canon gives you plenty of other options?". I just don't get the point of pairing the C3 boys with OCs if you could do a better job with Naytlin, Ness, Jella or Jess, you know? I'm such a huge enthusiastic for Jella, they would be ADORABLE! I swear I saw chemestry between them in the Final Jam Jam Section (and between Naitlyn too) LOL But ok, going back to Shane's potencial sister, I agree with your theory that if he had a brother/sister then He'd be a more down-to-earth boy, but then we get Mitchie, who's an only child and is not spoiled at all and I'm back at square zero. Urgh, I guess I'll just go with my gut... when it comes the time to mention Shane's family I'll see what I'll do.

Yay for another too-long reply XD
trinklovertrinklover on January 24th, 2009 06:43 am (UTC)
HEY! I reviewed on FF.net, just wanna make sure that you know that I love your fic and I cannot wait for more. It is seriously brilliant.
L.ninthrevolver on January 24th, 2009 02:06 pm (UTC)
Aw, thanks a lot! :D Just so you know, the next chapter should be up tomorrow or by the beginning of next week.
trinklovertrinklover on January 28th, 2009 10:31 am (UTC)
:waves: Hey, yep, I've read it, and it's amazing, your so talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And don't stop!!!!! OKAY?!
qxe18qwa on February 17th, 2013 03:26 am (UTC)
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