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25 January 2009 @ 06:49 pm
[Fic] Soundtrack Of My Summer  
Title: Soundtrack Of My Summer
Author: Lucilla/FeelTheSilence (ninthrevolver)
Genre: Romance/General
Pairing: Shane Gray & Mitchie Torres (Smitchie)
Rating: T (PG-13)
Status: On going
Summary: AU. He was Shane Gray. Famous rock star and worldwide sensation, he didn’t belong in the suburbs with the cozy people and apple pies. But he needed a reality check and a change of heart and that's what he got when he met a small town girl with big dreams.
Disclaimer: I don't own Camp Rock and I'm not making any profit out of this.


Later on that same day, the girl called Mitchie Torres was sitting on the back seat of a car parked in front of a white house. She was a girl in a secret mission and was supposed to have her eyes glued on her binoculars and be staring intently at the house, looking for any sign of suspicious movements. But despite that, she was half-lying in her seat and half-paying attention to the house and feeling oh, so utterly bored.

They – as in she and her two friends – were there for almost two hours now, just waiting for the teen boy who lived in the house to come out and show his face. Honestly, she didn’t understand why they were acting like a group of freaky stalkers, but, nonetheless, it seemed important to her friends, so it should be important for her as well. Gosh, the things you do for the sake of friendship, she thought.

“Can you believe how happy we looked back then? I can’t believe he turned out to be such a jerk!” Said Lola Scott, the girl who was sitting in the drive seat and holding a picture of herself and her ex-boyfriend.

“Yeah, yeah Lola. Life’s hard. Men suck.” The other girl who spoke in a somewhat sarcastic tone was named Caitlyn Geller and, opposite to Mitchie, she seemed to be actually paying attention to their so-called mission. Caitlyn, who was sitting at the passenger seat, at least had her eyes on her the binocular.

Mitchie sighed while listening to Lola’s sad rant about how she dedicated three years of her life to Barron – the ex – and he threw her away just because she wanted to wait until graduation and prom to sleep with him.

Gosh, that whole tragic love story was such an utterly teenager cliché. Mitchie just failed to understand why it was so hard for the guys to keep their pants on. It shouldn’t be such a big deal, right? After all, mankind was supposed to be this superior and rational race that didn’t let their primitive impulses get the best of them. For an instance, she was perfectly happy with keeping her pants safely zipped where they were and had no intention whatsoever to let any guy even get near her zipper anytime soon.

Not that there was any guy interested in getting into her pants anyway.

“Hey, he’s coming out!” Caitlyn suddenly burst, making Lola stop her rant and Mitchie snap out of her musing. “Oh crap, he has a girl with him. And she’s driving the car…” Caitlyn added in a hesitant tone.

What?” Lola shrieked. “Give me that!” And then she snatched Caitlyn’s binoculars in order to see what was happening.

True to Caitlyn’s words there was a girl with Barron as they exited the house’s garage. And she was, indeed, driving the silver Honda Fit that belonged to Barron. But the worst was yet to come – after the girl pulled the car out of the garage, she and Barron started a make out session.

Urgh, was Mitchie’s thought while watching the couple sucking each others faces.

“I can’t freaking believe it! He never let me drive that stupid shiny car!” Lola sounded completely hurt and pissed off, which was a dangerous combination. “You know what? I’m so going to go out with Sander after this. Let’s see how Barron will like seeing me with his rap partner!”

Mitchie sighed and she and Caitlyn exchanged discouraged looks.

“Guys, are we done here?” The brunette asked. “I’m babysitting Danny tonight and I have to be home by seven.”

“Yeah.” Lola nodded, putting away the binoculars and turning on the car’s engine. “Yeah, we’re done. I’m done. Actually, I’m better than done, I’m over him. For good.” And as if to prove her point, the girl opened the car window and threw away her picture with Barron before pressing down the gas pedal.

In her seat, Caitlyn just rolled her eyes but didn’t say anything about that. “So, Mitchie, why are you babysitting the devil’s spit tonight? I thought this was going to be an all girls evening.” She asked while twisting one curly hair wick around her index finger.

“Cait, don’t call him that.” Was Mitchie’s protest. “I like Danny, he’s a good kid.”

“Oh, I wasn’t talking about Danny! I like him as well. I was referring to our dear old Teacher Brown.” She clarified.

The three girls giggled after Caitlyn’s comment. Truth is they did like their music teacher, despite the fact that he was making them work their butt’s off at this super intensive summer classes he came up with.

“Well, he’s going to Vienna tonight. Andy is playing drums at some gig, remember? Brown will be there for moral support.” Mitchie explained.

“Uh, that was kinda nice coming from the devil.” Caitlyn admitted.

“So, Mitchie, do you know if Brown’s super famous super hot nephew arrived yet?” It was Lola’s time to ask. She wrinkled her eyebrows in a very suggestive form as she stared at her friend’s face through the car’s mirror.

Mitchie rolled her eyes from the back seat. The fact that Brown was blood related to the pop star phenomenon, Shane Gray, and that Shane himself was coming to spend the vacation at his uncle’s house in Carefree, Georgia, after the Connect Three summer tour was canceled were classified as top-secret information. So, of course, all of Brown’s students already knew about it.

“I don’t know. From what Brown told me, this Shane guy was supposed to arrive this week, but I guess he’s not here yet.” She shrugged. “I mean, if he was here then Brown wouldn’t have asked me to babysit tonight. The guy could take care of his own cousin.”

“Oh, Mitchie. It’s so utterly amazing how you call the Connect Three vocalist ‘this Shane guy’.” Caitlyn said, between giggles. “And have you thought that maybe Brown wants you to babysit both his son and his nephew?”

Lola nodded and backed her up. “Good point, Cait.”

Mitchie sighed and shook her head. Well, what did Caitlyn and Lola want? To see her screaming like a psycho fan girl and crying her eyes out just because Shane Gray might be in town and she might be meeting him that night? It’s not like she was crazy about Shane Gray. She wasn’t even crazy about the Connect Three per se. Ok, they were cute, they got talent and had some nice catchy songs, but they weren’t her favorite type of band. She preferred either rock or some heartfelt ballad, maybe even country when she was in the mood to be sappy. Connect Three's cookie-cutter pop songs were just… Well, not her thing.

Besides, Shane, Nate and Jason were just… Boys. Rich and famous boys, but still, behind the celebrity façade, they were just human beings. They should probably do wrongs and screw up just as much as Barron did with Lola – that was how real boys were. From her point of view it was simply ridiculous to treat them as if they were these flawless pop star gods. Especially after the jerk attitude Shane Gray has been sporting in the past months.

“Highly doubt it, Cait. Besides, if Shane Gray was here we’d know it by now. The streets would be already filled with his screaming pre-teens fans.” She answered in a nonchalant way.

Caitlyn and Lola were forced to agree with that one.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right, Mitchie. He must still be in L.A., whining about having a bad hair day or something.”

They all nodded at Caitlyn’s comment and dropped the pop star subject without a second thought as Lola drove down the street to the Torres’s House.


It was 7:28 PM and the plasma TV at Brown’s living room was on at Hot Tunes.

After spending the whole day locked inside the house, except for his little excursion to get food, and with nothing to do, Shane was feeling a little bit masochist that evening. So much that he resumed to watching that stupid and low-rated music channel.

Shane had had yet another argument with his uncle in that afternoon. All began when he discovered that Brown was going to a work-related thing in a nearby town and would leave the singer and Danny with a nanny. A freaking teenager nanny. The screaming and yelling on Shane’s part lead down to Brown deciding that the singer’s laptop was the next thing to be confiscated.

Amazing, was Shane’s bitter thought. With the way things were going, he’d be lucky to keep his cell phone until the next week. So right now, the TV was Shane’s only way of communicating with the outside world and he needed to know what the hell was going on out of that miserable town. He needed to know what people were talking about him and Connect Three – even though that that discovery was likely to upset him even more. But what else was he supposed to do? His band members and manager refused his calls throughout the whole day!

He was starting to realize that these vacations were more than a way to torture him. They were his own personal prison. Like an exile or something.

“I’m hungry. And I don’t want to watch this boring music show. I want to see Avatar!” Danny, who was sitting on the couch beside Shane, started whining.

The pop star rolled his eyes. The remote control was securely held captive by his hands so the boy couldn’t change the channel.

“Well, I don’t want to watch a stupid cartoon show about a bald boy. Now shut up, I’m trying to listen.” And he turned up the volume of the TV, despite feeling utterly frustrated with the lack of interesting news. Hot Tunes was covering Madonna’s new tour and there were no comments about Connect Three.

Danny crossed his chubby arms and sighed. “I wish Mitchie was here. She would let me watch Avatar.” Said the boy, referring to his nanny.

Shane scoffed to himself. Well, too bad that that wasn’t Mitchie’s house.

Mitchie… He started thinking about what kind of freaky girl would have such a ridiculous name like that. Well, probably a girl with mental instable parents. Mitchie was the kind of name you’d give to your dog, and not to your daughter. He almost pitied her. Almost. But right now he was too busy feeling sorry for himself.

He was Shane Gray, front man of the hottest band on the country, and he was reduced to be laying on his uncle’s old couch, watching Hot Tunes and musing about the weird name of a girl he didn’t even know. And, if everything else wasn’t pathetic enough, it was a Saturday night. He kind of wished someone would just come out of the blue, shoot him and put an end to his misery already.

Suddenly there was a noise coming from the front door, like someone was opening the locker from outside. Shane sat straight on the couch with wide eyes. Was that really happening? Would someone just come through that door and shoot him? He heard the door opening and wondered if he should run or try to call 911 – if it wasn’t a murderer, then it must be some stalker fan who found out where he was. But then he heard this feminine and soft voice calling out Danny’s name and the boy jumped off the couch and dashed to the door shouting ‘Mitchie!’.

Shane sighed with relief. It was just the nanny. But then he caught himself and cringed. Urgh, it was the nanny.

He took a deep breath, mentally preparing himself for what was to come – the screaming, the tears, the ogling, the ‘Oh my God! I love you so much, I’m like your biggest fan ever!’ speech. And then the girl would probably spend the rest of the night trying to flirt with him. He didn’t know which part of that annoyed him the most.

“Mitchie, Shane’s being an ass and won’t let me watch Avatar! And there’s a new episode airing today!” Danny started his whining again while the sound of footsteps indicated that they where entering the hall.

The girl giggled. “It’s ok, Danny. We’ll work it out.”

Shane arched his eyebrows. That Mitchie kinda had a familiar voice…

And then she showed up at the living room, carrying some bags that read Connie’s Dinner in one hand and holding Danny’s hand with the other one. She looked up at Shane and gave him a politely, yet somewhat shy, smile.

No wonder he thought her voice sounded familiar. It was the same girl from the Dinner. The petit brunette waitress.
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Stina ♪: dream team; together alwaysstinabug87 on January 25th, 2009 09:14 pm (UTC)
Amazing job on yet another chapter!

LOL! Shane thinking somebody was about to come and shoot him just cause he wished it. Silly boy.

I love how Lola and Barron were dating. That's a great addition! And then threatening to date Sander now that Barron has a new girl. That seems like Lola. Feisty!

And yay for Caitlyn! Her spirit is the best. :D

I can't wait to read what happens next. I'm excited for the "baby"sitting. lol ♥
L.: demi smileninthrevolver on January 26th, 2009 01:06 am (UTC)
Thanks, Stina! :D

I know, Shane's so paranoic. I love how he thinks that EVERYTHING is about him, he's such a drama king sometimes lol

I'm glad you think Lola/Barron was good, I like to include these little background details about minor characters, so I have these sub plots in hand in case I need to throw something at the story if it gets too boring XD And honestly, I liked Lola a lot in the movie, I still don't get why she didn't perform at the Final Jam :P

Caitlyn's pure win, I'm always 'yay'ing for her XD

Oh, I hope for great things to come out from the "baby"sitting night. In fact, the next chapter is one of my favorites so far, there's A LOT of Smitchie in it lol
Stina ♪stinabug87 on January 26th, 2009 01:16 am (UTC)
*woot* Can't wait for the Smitchie. &heartsl
Hannah: dj {this family's forever}han_corrupted on January 25th, 2009 10:16 pm (UTC)
Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. You... I'm in love with you. Haha... That was genius. That right there is genius. Oh my gosh. AAH! Haha... Sorry, I'm totally hyped and spazzed up right now, this chapter is made of so much win you've no idea. Oh my gosh.

First of all I was literally bouncing in my seat when I saw this new chapter up. Seriously, no lie, BOUNCING! I was like "Yay!" and did a little happy dance in my seat.

Okay, now that I've told you way too much about my pathetic little self, onwards with the Chapter of Awesome:

Generally speaking I dislike when people bring in Lola and/or other smaller characters, but you did it really well. Instead of Sierra you bring in Lola and I will say I think the combination of Lola/Caitlyn/Mitchie is awesome. They'll balance each other out perfectly - Lola with the sass and impulse, Caitlyn with the sarcasm and Mitchie with the sweet, caring hesitantness. lol Idk, they just seem perfect now that you've written it. And Lola vs Barron will probably be hysterical. I totally see them as the on-again-off-again couple that will in the end be together, no matter how much they've broken up and whoever they dated in their off-times. lol And I love how Lola was like "I'm so dating Sander now!". Genius. And Caitlyn is generally just genius on her own and you made her genius and guh, I'm so gushing over it. And Mitchie's total lack of interest in everything is perfection. Just sheer perfection. The whole spying-in-a-car totally worked. Man I was laughing so hard. Awesome job.

Then comes the mentioning of Brown and I squeed. Perfection yet again. I love how you say it's "top secret" but everyone Brown teaches knows. Totally him. And guh, every time you mention Brown it's genius. I'll say no more.

THEN, oh my gosh, comes my absolute favourite part. Ah. Goodness I'm dying just thinking about it. Shane. Squee! Shane and his sarcastic mind = Han melting into a pile of goo. Seriously, so brilliant. I'll keep saying it: the way you write Shane is amaaaziiiing. His train of thought is so hysterical to read, I love it. And his little analogies and everything... So funny!
"He almost pitied her. Almost. But right now he was too busy feeling sorry for himself." -- Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard!
"Shane sighed with relief. It was just the nanny. But then he caught himself and cringed. Urgh, it was the nanny. -- That right there is my favourite line in this chapter, and that's saying a lot because I thought pretty much the whole thing was genius (as you might have guessed by now). It's perfect. Totally in character, it's snarky and awesome. LOVE IT!

Lastly (before this review becomes longer than the actual chapter), the relationship between Danny and Mitchie seems effin awesome. I think I love Danny now, even after just this little bit. He seems like a total favourite little brother/cousin to Mitchie that Danny idolizes. I love how Danny's moping around Shane and being like "he's stupid" but as soon as Mitchie comes it's like he does a 180 and becomes this bouncy little happy kid. Guh. Love it.

Okay, I'm stopping now. Please continue. Soon! :D
L.: jemi side by sideninthrevolver on January 26th, 2009 01:34 am (UTC)

Seriously, I am the one who is in love with you after this FREAKING AMAZING comment.

Chapter Of Awesome? Really? Han, you're seriously spoiling me. BUT I LOVE IT, SO I DON'T CARE! LOL

Gosh, I was SO insecure about this chapter, because it's just a filler, nothing major happens in here, but I thought it was necessary anyway 'cause I wanted a scene from Mitchie's POV, to introduce her character and I love to write girl scenes and blablabla. But I had no idea if the 'spying in the car' scene was good or if it was too... Idk, pointless? Boring? Cliché? I was afraid it wouldn't work. I'M SO RELIEVED to know that it worked! :D Seriously, I was majorly worried about it.

And, oh, I'M SO FREAKING HAPPY that Shane was satisfying in here, since his scene with Danny was so short - they just argue about the TV and nothing else. I just wanted to save more of Shane for the next chapter (which is longer and more relevant to the plot). Basically, I was just being silly and making Shane have his strange thoughts, so I'm glad it was enough to make it interesting! :D Shane and his sarcastic mind = Lucilla being nonsense and trying to crack jokes. I think I'm funny and I didn't even know it. :O

About Danny, yay! I'm so happy he's likable! :D I'll explore a little bit more about his relationship with Mitchie in the next chapter, but you totally got it right! He likes Mitchie a lot and acts like an adorable, cute, huggable little kid around her. It's like kindergarden, when the little boy gots a crush on his teacher lol

And I LOVELOVELOVE your awesome long reviews! The bigger the better! You just make me insanely happy! Thank you thank you thank you! :DDD I love you! ♥
Hannah: dl {smiling because what else can i do}han_corrupted on January 26th, 2009 04:20 pm (UTC)
Psh, you had NOTHING to be insecure about, your writing is just amazing. Even if it was a filler - which I didn't think at all, btw - you wrote it really, really well.

It really didn't matter that the Shane/Danny scene was short or that they were just arguing about the TV, it has a point on it's own, it showcases their relationship and makes you more in tune with how Shane thinks. Like I just said, it doesn't matter if it's a "filler chapter", it just makes the reader more acquainted with the characters and their relationships with each other and that's always a good thing.

Well if Shane and his sarcastic mind = Lucilla being nonsenical and trying to crack jokes then I say Lucilla should try to be nonsenstical and try to crack jokes constantly. LOL It's genius. Btw, I love your name, totally awesome. Lucilla. Nice.

Heee! I totally giggled at your description of Danny/Mitchie. The little kindergardener with a crush on his teacher. So cute! :D Absolutely right too...
L.: demi smileninthrevolver on January 27th, 2009 01:59 pm (UTC)
I can't help being insecure, I'm too perfeccionist and self-councious, like Mitchie. I guess I just need a Shane to tell me that I'm the voice inside his head lol Oh, stupid CR jokes, I love them. ♥

You can thank my mom for my pretty name. It's latin, I guess. I like your name too, Hannah is pretty - but I always get the image of Miley Cyrus with a blond wig everytime I think 'Hannah', and then I stat to sing Best Of Both Wordls, psh.

Ok, this was pointless and non-sensical lol I'm stoping.
Hannah: jj {feeling used and abused}han_corrupted on January 27th, 2009 10:46 pm (UTC)
lol I'm totally the same way. So self-conscious. Especially with my writing and/or graphics.

Funny enough, I tend to think Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana too. At least when I see my name written in a blog. Like, I'll know it's about me but I'm so used to online friends calling me Han that when I see "Hannah" I'm like "Sweet nibblets!" LOL
Monica: Joe3moni828 on January 26th, 2009 12:00 am (UTC)
Ok, I just started reading this story on FF.net... and here. So it'll be my first comment, so here goes:

First of all, can Shane be more sarcastic? Hee, I love the way you have portrayed him. And especially, meeting Mitchie just because he reacted with her the same way he would've reacted with anyone else. She didn't had anything special, whatsoever. Not yet, of course.

And with this chapter, I'm so excited now to see how Mitchie will keep acting towards him. She swallowed every little stupid thing Shane said in the diner, but is she still going to do it with Danny there? Plus, Danny seems like a damn cutie and his relationship with Mitchie seems to be awesome!

Btw, I hope you don't mind me adding you?
L.ninthrevolver on January 26th, 2009 01:48 am (UTC)
Of course I don't mind you adding me! It's my pleasure! :D

I'm glad people are liking Shane's sarcasm. I love to write sarcastic boys, the nice ones juts make me get bored. And yeah, my point with Mitchie is that firstly Shane sees her as just another small town girl. And he doesn't even find her pretty, yet. He'll have to change his mind about a lot of things as he gets to know her.

Mitchie had to put up with Shane's ego at the dinner because he was a client, she couldn't mistreat a client - especially because it's her mom's dinner, but latter on... Well, she will have to put Shane in his place sometime.

So far, everyone is liking Danny. Yay! I'm happy I included this boy :)

Thanks for reviewing, hope to see you next chapter!
rachelica9rachelica9 on January 27th, 2009 05:05 am (UTC)
I read this story on FF. I seriously love it.

I love the idea of Mitchie being a waitress Shane wants nothing to do with. I think it's great that they have to build a relationship out of nothing. I see way too many fics that assume the attraction was there in the beginning (which I so don't understand) but I love how he barely even looks at her. I'm really interested in how you plan on showing when he changes his mind about her.

And the way you write Shane is brilliant. I love the small details you mention. I think my favorite part of the story is the little comments Shane makes to himself. I love how sarcastic and how everything is such a chore for him. And the scene with the car-spying is great. I love how it..ah!...I can't even describe it well. It just fits and seems like that's how it should have been since the beginning.

Danny seems really cute. I know I'll love seeing what type of role he plays in the story later on.

I added you by the way, hope that's okay :D
L.ninthrevolver on January 27th, 2009 02:16 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I know, I read a lot of fics like that too. I think the chemistry is there since the beginning, but the attraction not so much. I'm trying to stay true to the canon in the development of Smitchie's relationship, Shane will only start crushing on Mitchie once he gets to know her better. :)

You know, I'm under the impression that my sarcastic Shane who doesn't give a shit about Mitchie is making a poor impression at FF.net. I get reviews from people who tell me they love the fic, but they think Shane is being too mean *sighs*. And honestly, I don't get their point, since Shane's sarcastic-jerkish personality is pretty much what this fic is all about. But yay, I'm glad that the LJ readers are enjoying my Shane. :D

Well, I know that Brown will try to play the cupid role in this, hopefully Danny will help his daddy? lol

And it's totally ok that you added me :) And thank you SO MUCH for your comment!

PS: I love your icon! ♥ Can I use it? I'll credit :D
rachelica9: ur-voice-was-the-soundtrack-2-my-summerrachelica9 on January 27th, 2009 11:11 pm (UTC)
Yes. I agree. Sounds good. :)

That is a little odd. Too mean? really? I don't think he's mean I just don't think he cares and there's a difference between the two.

That should be cute :D

Your welcome so much. lol

Of course! yeah. That sounds great. :D
L.: jemi p&bninthrevolver on January 30th, 2009 11:07 pm (UTC)
Really, some girls think he's meanie... But it's exactly like you said, there's a difference between being mean and not caring, it's just strange that some people doesn't seem to get it.

Anyway, next chapter's up. I hope you enjoy it! :D
trinklovertrinklover on January 30th, 2009 10:46 am (UTC)
As you said about the people at ff.net, they have no idea what they're saying ... I mean, come on!!!!!!!! Didn't they see the movie? He wasn't the most pleasant guy, at first, and I think that you're just building on it! And doing a very good job because I think that it's believable. Just ignore the comments and keep posting ... I'm enjoying your Shane. I love everything in your story so keep on writing!!!!! I'm waiting for the next chapter!
L.: smitchie look at your eyesninthrevolver on January 30th, 2009 11:12 pm (UTC)
Yeah, that's precisely my point. Shane clearly had a pop star diva complex at the beginning of the movie and he didn't went head over heels for Mitchie at the 1st time he saw her either... I'm just trying to build him from this jerk he's now back to the nice boy he once was.

Anyway, the 4th chapter's up. Check it out and thanks for your support! :)